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Who really needs Automatic Earthquake gas Shutoff Valves?

a.k.a. Seismic Gas Shut Off Valves and EQSO Valves

Automatic Earthquake gas shut off valves

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You could be asleep or away at work when a large Earthquake strikes your home. Earthquakes can cause gas piping to crack, brake, leak, and create serious risk of explosion, fire, and suffocation. The Earthquake Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve safeguards you, your loved ones, pets, home, and belongings at all times.

Automatic gas shut-off valves are a excellent way to insure that your gas is shut off in the case of a major earthquake. They are recommended by the Los Angeles Fire Department. In Los Angeles, California they are required to be installed when you sell your home or do more than a $10,000 remodel. With an automatic valve your gas will be off even if you aren't home at the time. Contact The Southern California gas company for more information and installation.

seismic gas earthquake valves

According to the L. A. Times -

about half of the gas related fires after the '94 northridge earthquake could have been prevented

LOS ANGELES TIMES No Gas Shut-Off Valve Yet? The Clock's Ticking (selected paragraphs) SUNDAY, MAY 2, l999, REAL Estate Part K. Page 1 By Julie Tamaki TIMES STAFF WRITER

Time is running out for thousands of Los Angeles homeowners to comply with a city ordinance that requires that they equip their homes with automatic gas shut-off valves to prevent fires from erupting during or after an earthquake. The ordinance calls for all buildings including single-family homes, that contain gas piping in the city of Los Angeles to be equipped with a gas shutoff valve either within one year of the close of escrow or, in the case of new buildings, at the time of construction. The law also applies to remodels of $10,000 or more. Installation prices may also escalate, for example, if home's gas meter is in an underground vault or if the piping is badly corroded, experts warn. Potential complications aside, shutoff valves have won endorsements from seismic experts because of their ability to cut off gas flow in pipes during the kind of violent shaking that occurs in a magnitude 5 or greater earthquake. About half of the 51 gas-related fires after the Northridge earthquake would have been prevented by the valves. "One of the dangers of an earthquake is that it can cause gas piping to break, lead to leakage of gas and cause an explosion or fire in a building at the very time when emergency response resources are most strained

earthquake shut off valve

City of Los Angeles Ordinance

Any commercial or residential building containing fuel gas piping shall require the installation of an EQSO valve. (Ordinance 171,874 - Effective February 5, 1998; Ordinance 170,158 - Effective July 1, 1995)

An earthquake gas shut-off valve must be installed if your home or business meets one of the following criteria: if you buy an existing property (must be installed at point of sale); if you build a new residential or business structure; if the valve of an alteration or addition to an existing property is more than $10,000; if your unit is part of a common structure (such as a condominium), all units in the structure must install a valve when any one unit is mandated to install one.

The Los Angeles City Council has expanded an existing ordinance that requires all newly constructed homes and businesses to install an automatic earthquake gas shut-off valve. The ordinance also calls for home and business buyers to install a valve at the point of sale of an existing home or business. Moreover, if you’re making alterations or additions valued at $10,000 or more, installing an automatic earthquake gas shut-off valve is mandatory by law

How much does it cost?

What's the price to install an automatic earthquake gas shutoff valve?

The price to install an automatic earthquake gas shutoff valve or an eqso valve will differ according to your homes needs. the size of your existing gas pipe manifold and the condition of your existing piping will factor in on the price. A permit needs to be pulled and a city or county inspector (depending on your location) will have to come out and inspect the installation. As every installation is unique, we will need to come to your home to see what will be required for your installation. We charge $39.00 to come out and take a look at your gas piping manifold. Once we see exactly what will be involved, we will give you the exact guaranteed price, with no "surprises", "extra's" or "add-on's" at the end of the job. We've all heard about the contactors that give a low price to start a job and then hit the customer with the "extra's" at the end. Once we give you the price we stick to it. and if you want the work done we will apply the service charge towards the job.

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