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1st Choice Plumbing can install or repair your water heater

We install and repair water heaters from all manufacturers. Most water heaters are usually a round tank with a heat source that heats water from the bottom of the tank and also maintains and stores the heated water until it is used. Most water heaters have a 40 to 50 gallon glass-lined steel tank. The fuel types used to power the heat source can be either gas (natural or propane),or electricity. The life expectancy of the average water heater is 8 to 12 years. Other types of hot water systems used in Southern California are:energy saving tank-less systems that use a boiler to heat the water on demand; instant hot water heaters that are small (.5 - 5 gallons), located under the sink, near the tap that provides hot water for only one Faucet. These are sometimes called an insta hot.

Most Water Heaters Have these Basic Components

Cold Water Inlet Pipe, Cold Water Control Valve, Cold Water Dip Tube, Hot Water Outlet Pipe, Anti-Corrosion or Sacrificial Anode, Drain Valve, Temperature/Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve (TPRV) and TPRV Drain line to exterior of building

Gas water heaters will have a gas temperature control valve, thermocouple and pilot tube.

Electric water heaters generally have an upper and lower thermostat and an upper and lower heating element

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