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Install a ladwp approved Sub Meter and start saving Money on Your Water Bill Today!

ladwp sub meter

Save money on your ladwp bill. Without a submeter you are paying to much on your water bill month after month. Our water and power bill charges us for water and for sewer. The sewer charge is based on the water that is measured as it flows through the water meter at the beginning of your properties water piping system. This means that you are being charged a sewer charge for the water you use to water your lawn, wash your car or fill your pool. You can avoid these excess charges by installing a Los angeles Department of Water and Power approved sub meter. We can take care of the whole process for you. We obtain the city permit, We pick up the submeter directley from the dwp install it and call for city inspection. The Los angeles Department of Water and Power will now read both meters and bill you the accurate amount for your sewer charge. The submeter generally pays for itself within a few years and saves you money for the life of the house. Call us today and Start saving on your water bill

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los angels department of water and power ladwp sub meter

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power ladwp sub meter

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