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Were you happy with your last plumber?
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Does it matter if a Plumber cleans up after himself?
A - I want my plumber to wear fresh shoe covers, clean latex gloves, use a protective floor mat, have cleaning supplies and leave his work area as clean or cleaner than how he found it.
B- Just do the job, clean up a little and get out, I'll take it from there.
C - I'd rather clean it myself
Is 24 hr. service important to you?
Do you like to have options when you make a decision about your home?
A - Yes, give me several options including prices and warranties.
B - No, just do a band aid repair as cheap as possible with no warranty.
C - No, just give me the best and do whatever it takes and give me the maximum warranty.
Should plumbing companies do backgroud checks on their employees?
Should plumbing companies use drug screening on their employees?
Should plumbing companies offer their employees health or retirement benefits?
Is quality important to you?
Should a plumbing contractor have liability insurance?
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